How To: Textured Disconnected Razor Cut - Look 'n' Learn

What’s on trend is versatility— a look that is defined, yet can be worn numerous of ways. With the push toward natural beauty and minimalist design, we have to be able to create shapes that can feel lived in and still look great. What exactly does this mean? And how can I translate it into a haircut?

The way I’ve approached this methodology is by heavily implementing my razor and changing my approach to the way I’ve been taught to cut hair.

Razor cutting is not dramatically different from scissor cutting, the main difference being your way of thinking about shape; instead of seeing structured line, a razor allows us to view a shape in terms of density and motion. The model below was inspired by a bowl cut but didn’t want to be locked into one look. Follow along the video below to see how the shape was created and get some product recommendations.

STEP ONE: Pre-section where you want the undercut to begin

STEP TWO: Cut the undercut using vertical 90 degree sections

STEP THREE: Clean up and detail neckline

STEP FOUR: Section out the bang section, use as a guide for the “bowl”

STEP FIVE: Create the bowl shape at 0 degree elevation. Remove density where needed with diagonal back or diagonal forward sections

STEP SIX: Prep model with prepping product and diffuse using the Dyson Supersonic

STEP SEVEN: After dry, refine on a curl by curl basis with dry cutting shears, I prefer to use the Hanzo Kamikaze

STEP EIGHT: Seal in texture with a texturing spray

MYSTIFY: Restyling Spray: Used as a cutting lotion, provides moisture, protection and slight hold

CURL: Shaping Mousse: Gives lightweight definition and moisture to curls

THICK: Dry Finishing Spray: Seals in texture for versatility without being drying

Music: “Fuckin ‘n’ Rollin” by Phantastic Ferniture

Video + Hair: Andy @Andy_DoesYourHair

Andy Judd

Name: Andy Judd

Hometown: Hamilton, OH

Favorite Thing About Nashville: I love how close we are to some really beautiful trails and lakes! The food is also a plus.

Current Occupation: Stylist

Dream Occupation: Traveling Educator / Beauty + Lifestyle Content Creator

If You Could Live Inside Any Film, What Would It Be?

I would live inside of “Blue Lagoon”. The island is incredibly beautiful, their hair always looks amazing, they get a nice tan, somehow they have a beautifully built home and they never seem to worry about dying of starvation even though they technically live on a deserted island. They tend to do pretty well for themselves.

If You Could Move To Another Country, Which Would It Be?

That’s a tough one! I definitely feel like it’d have to be Scandinavian. Generally, the architecture, the views, and the way of life really draw me in. Which country I would choose between them would be tough. I’d need to spend some time in each to really decide… I have been trying to learn Swedish if that gives any hint at where I’d start.

Hair Product You Can’t Live Without?

I have to start with how I cleanse! I’m really in love with Davines Curl Cleansing Cream. It’s this really nice, lightweight cleansing conditioner. I don’t believe in shampoo, as it doesn’t do much except strip the hair of essential oils. I’ve been shampoo free for almost a year now! People think their hair will be a grease ball if they stop shampooing, which might be true but only temporarily. Shampoo dries out the scalp so much that it’s forcing more oil to be produced. When you stop shampooing your scalp will balance back out! I like to rinse with a cleansing conditioner 1-2 times a week and the occasional rinse-and-condition day with just conditioner or a hair mask. For that, my recent favorite has been the Davines Minu Hair Mask. Having a good cleansing routine is ESSENTIAL for healthy hair! Definitely takes priority over a multitude of styling products for me.

Tell Us A Little About Your Hair History!

Oh lord. I look back at what my hair used to be, and although there’s a part of me that still loves it, I also horribly cringe to it. I was in high school when the scene kids took over myspace and really set a new beauty standard/goal. So, that being said, I had as close to scene kid hair as one could have in a small town in the Midwest. Before the scene days, as a young child my mom used to cut my hair into a 90s bowlcut. I have to give her props though; it was a pretty precise cut! I think it’s actually where my love for bangs comes from. In college, I started getting my hair cut at this duo barbershop/salon called Barbetorium and it was the most unique spot I had ever seen! The stylists were traveling educators under their own brand and it became my introduction to seeing that a career in the hair industry could be much more than I thought possible. Now, I prefer to keep my hair pretty short up top, and keep the sides and back a bit longer. It’s pretty mullet-like actually.

What does YOU ARE OK. mean to you?

YOU ARE OK to me means a couple of things. It means the practice of having acceptance for moments, having enjoyment for stillness and allowing yourself permission to give thought and mental preparation for change and evolution. Ultimately, it reminds me that I have to face fear and recognize that fear has no power over me.