So, You Got Bangs... Now What?


There’s nothing quite like the rush of getting bangs, fringe, swoopy bangs, what have you. You instantly feel a little more mysterious, a little bit sexier, and a lot more put together. You could conquer the world with this new fringe. 

You wake up the next day, things are looking a little crazy but you’re still feeling pretty good. You decide to shower. 

Oh, shit. What now? 

These tiny short hairs right in my face all the sudden become a styling nightmare. While air drying is always an option (messy, wavy, curly bangs are totally a thing right now) you’re feeling a bit more Brigitte Bardot than Debbie Harry today. 

Here are a few tips to make styling your fringe relatively stress free:

  • Blow drying usually works better than a flat iron or curling iron. Flat wrapping is the preferred technique. This means blow drying you bangs down with a flat brush (preferably with boar bristles) and moving them from side to side, back and forth until dry. Once they seem pretty much done, pick up all your fringe with the brush, hit them with the blow dryer while pulling them down towards your nose. This method works for all lengths of fringe and is so quick once you nail the routine.

  • If they still look a little wonky, or you have really curly/frizzy hair, you can most definitely use a flat iron. Using that same technique, pick up the fringe and pull down with a slight bend (follow the curve of your forehead) and voila! Be sure to keep the flat iron away from your roots. Getting the roots too flat can make your hair, well, flat. You want a little lift at the root!

  • If you do find that they got a little too smooth for your liking (who doesn’t love a lived in look?) water is your friend! Just a light spritz and a bit of a toss with your fingers gives them that perfect, not overly done look.

  • Paste is great! A really light paste (like Oribe’s Fiber Groom) is perfect for creating just the right amount of separation.

With these tips, Ms. Bardot, you should be feeling totally able to have the perfectly tousled fringe you left the salon with. 

Editor’s Note: Don’t try this when you’re in a rush! Every new styling trick will seem like an insurmountable mountain when you try it five minutes before you walk out the door. Give it a try when you have a little more time and the technique will become second nature in no time!