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#rosegoldforlife - A non-committal shade for the bold and the blondes!

We've seen it in all shades and sizes, rose-gold hair has been a craze that is here to stay. There are so many versions (I mean, anyone see the #blorange?)

We'll discuss blorange momentarily. But first, I present you, rose gold!

Why is this trend so great for blondes who need a change but don't want the commitment (our hair is truly a mirror of our feelings sometimes, am I right)?

  • Rose-gold is easiest for a stylist to achieve if you already have blonde hair. It's as simple as a toner service or what some of us call "glossing services" in the salon. It looks beautiful on pre-existing highlights, balayage, or even all over blondes.

  • One great feature for pastels (i.e.rose gold) on blondes is that it does not last long. Some could see that as a negative, but I see that as a positive. The scariest part of going to a bold color is wondering if we'll ever be able to remove it or change it. With rose-gold and some other pastel hues, they fade of fairly quickly which allows for an instant, vivid change, without the long-term commitment.

  • The fade out is BEAUTIFUL. Because the hair has to be lifted to a blonde before, the rose-gold fades to a beautiful, shimmery champagne blonde. It's great when we can be excited about how our color is fading.

Remember: There are MANY VARIATIONS of rose-gold hair. Make sure to be specific with your stylist on what inspires you.

Questions to ask yourself and your stylist:

Q) I love this rose-gold! I don't want it to fade out, what's the maintenance like to keep this shade vibrant?

A) I personally offer my pastel clients "glossing services" for upkeep after their initial pastel service. The biggest part to any pastel shade is creating the perfect canvas that allows for easy maintenance until you would need your roots done, balayage lifted higher, or highlights retouched. Once this is achieved, you can come in as often as needed or you would like (typically no longer than 4 weeks), for a quick gloss that'll re-amplify your rose gold. This is a service that takes no more than 1 hr.

There are also new professional products coming on the market that are allowing pastel clients to upkeep their pastel at home. I am testing these products currently before I offer them to my clients, as I only want the best for you and your hair. I'll blog about those options once I decide which ones I love!

Q) I get the rose-gold shade, and even though I love it, an event or job calls for a more "natural" look (bleh!!), can it be easily removed?

A) Absolutely! Because rose-gold is such a light shade to begin with, a quick clarifying treatment will remove the color.

Ok, so what is this #blorange trend?

Because rose-gold has been such a hit in the color world, stylists have evolved the color to include many different tones (cool & warm), as well as more vivid or muted depending on the client. One of the prettiest ways to achieve a rose-gold was to create almost a strawberry tone and elevate it with a slight hue of peachy-pink. This color evolved to a more vivid, warm pinkish tone and now #blorange. The term was taken from "blood orange", and combined for this version of the rose-gold trend.

So there you have it!

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