Diary Of A Not So Confident Apprentice, Chapter 2

Ever take you 2 hours to do a one length haircut?

Yes, folks... 2 hours. For one client.

That is how long it took me to figure out I had that “shoulder lean” down pat. If I were one of my teachers I would have been looking at me like the old ladies in that commercial saying “That's not how is it works!"

Who knew there was so much to just cutting the freaking hair off!?

Fun fact: there are six steps before you even think about chopping that hair off.

If you don't think about those six steps, you can guarantee something is going to be off with your haircut. Most of us know coming out of school you will not know everything, but damn!

Taking my first section and having to resection over and over again because it was not straight was like hitting rewind five million times. In my head I did not understand why all these little details matter. But as the cutting program went on, I realized they mattered the most.

Once I truly sat down and utilized all the information and head sheets Local Honey provided, I was able to predict what my next move would be in each of my cuts.

For me, head sheets saved my hair cutting game. To draw out every angle and section, gave me the visual I needed to cut my clients hair in a timely matter. Soon after I realized that, I felt better in this cutting program.

One of my first one length cuts

One of my first one length cuts

As far as apprenticing on the floor, I love every second.


Because I truly understand that this opportunity to learn from these stylist is a gift. So yes, I get on my hands and knees to clean mats or cut hair out of the rolling dryers because I know one day I am gonna work on this salon floor making clients feel fabulous.

Some people who are given opportunities take it for granted and I certainly was not raised to. I work hard everyday to show the people around me that I am here for good and for the right reasons.

All that being said, yes I have had days of doubt.

Anyone who has been through an apprenticeship knows you have to do some grunt work and that is actually great. In the beginning I wanted to ring the bell because I felt like I had come so far and I am still only doing clean up. But I took a look around and I saw my future.

I will be damned if I am gonna let small things come in front of what I have worked so hard for. Sometimes it is hard when people make you feel your wasting your time or to here people say “So, you don't cut hair yet?” Well, no not yet.

It is hard to have a family and still be working on a career financially and relationship-wise. However, you gotta fight and stand up for what you feel is right for you.

So I will take the low blows that people don't realize they are giving and use it to build character and to get things done.

I have an amazing husband who supports me in my journey and my kids who will be proud in seeing the hard work I put into this program and this career.

In the end, I know I have made a great choice and I am excited and interested to see where my future goes.

my babies, levi and asher.

my babies, levi and asher.

Because the diaries of the not-so-confident apprentice are staying right here!

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