Søren Hansen is OK.

Søren is a guitarist, pianist, singer, and producer based in Nashville, TN. He is a semi-new member of the YOU ARE OK. community and has been nothing but supportive since day one. You may have seen him wearing our signature t-shirts with his band, New Politics, on their recent headlining tour or maybe just around town. To show our thanks and mutual support we decided to let the world know why he’s OK…

Photo Courtesy of  Hunter Garrett.

Photo Courtesy of Hunter Garrett.

Name: Søren Hansen
Hometown: A small little tiny, town outside Copenhagen, Denmark.

Favorite Thing About Nashville: I would say it’s the vibe of the Southern Hospitality, but also the drive of the city. There’s always something happening and it’s like a, it’s one of those cities where… It’s a unique city. Actually what I love about Nashville is there is a certain amount of  village vibe to there city, but there’s also a big city vibe to it. It’s also a liberal city and it’s a place where the people who move here, they somehow tune into to the Southern hospitality, if that makes sense? And I like that it’s a city where it’s growing so fast that it’s constantly bringing new blood to the city. It feels like a mix of country and New York at the same time.

Current Occupation: I am a musician. I’ve been a musician for 10 years, that’s been my job.

Søren Hansen, David Boyd and Lou Vecchio of New Politics.

Søren Hansen, David Boyd and Lou Vecchio of New Politics.

Dream Occupation: Besides being a space explorer examining ancient civilizations my dream occupation is song writing and being a musician. I am very lucky.

If You Could Live Inside Any Film, What Would It Be? Oh, Back To The Future! Definitely.

If You Could Move To Another Country, Which Would It Be? I’d like to maybe try to live in France for a while.

Hair Product You Can’t Live Without? That’s a good question! Mannequin Paste seems to work well with my hair.

Tell Us A Little About Your Hair History! So I decided one day in Denmark, when I was a little drunk, maybe 10 years ago that I was gonna go blonde. When the band I play ion kind of blew up, it just became a thing [The band he plays in is the Pop Rock trio, New Politics] where I think people recognized me for that, the blonde hair. It was always a mix of the two other guys, we all had different hair colors and it just became my thing. My hair history before that, I had dreadlocks. I had looong hair and I was into Death Metal and then I went through my hippie phase with the dreadlocks and then I became a musician, I’ve been blonde for a long time, either short or long.

Photo Courtesy of  Hunter Garrett

Photo Courtesy of Hunter Garrett

What does YOU ARE OK. mean to you? It means that nobody is perfect and because of that, it’s ok to just be you.  

Photo Courtesy of  Stars and Scars Photo

Photo Courtesy of Stars and Scars Photo

You can find Søren on Instagram @sorenpolitics or on his band page @newpolitics. Click here for their fall tour info and more!