Morning Self Care Rituals

Have you ever spent a ridiculous amount of money on a face cream or impulse bought the fancy bedsheets all in the name of “treat yourself”? I definitely have. It seems that culturally we are in this wave of deeming so many things as self care. While I’m all for self care becoming trendy, sometimes that means doing your damn laundry and taking the stairs instead of the elevator! It’s been a journey discovering what true self care looks like for me, and will probably always be evolving. Here are a few simple rituals I do every morning to prepare myself mentally and physically to take on the day.


  • Drink some warm lemon water! Easy enough. I try to do this first thing in the morning so I start my day off hydrated instead of overdoing it on the coffee. It also loosens up toxins in your digestive tract, reduces joint and muscle pain, improves your skin, and gives you energy. It’s one of those little things worth putting on the checklist! Promise!

  • One of my favorite self-care rituals is doing yoga in my underwear. Light some incense, put on whatever music suits your mood, and make space to release your insecurities. Just go ahead and get that shit out of the way. This is my time to observe my body in new ways and appreciate how it serves me. Make it every bit about loving yourself as much as it is about “exercise”.

  • Set an intention and give yourself a chance to breeeathe. I have found that when I make this a conscious part of my morning rituals my day changes. Try making a mantra for yourself or meditating on what you want to come out of your day. In a tantra workshop I recently attended, the idea of breath with sound was introduced to me. Take three big, full breaths and let them out while making a sigh or a humming sort of noise. The biggest, longest sigh you can make. You might feel really silly (at first I was like wtf?), but think about it... there is a reason why we naturally sigh! Your breath is fundamental to connecting with yourself and calming anxiety

  • Make time for inspiration. We all have things that inspire us, get our brains going, and keep us positive. Working in a creative industry, I feel that this is a crucial part in setting myself up for success for the day. Usually, I like to scroll through my favorite blogs, Instagram, and maybe do some research on what I’ve been obsessing over with lately. Other days I journal or scribble in my sketchbook.


I know, I know...all of this can sound like a lot in the morning, but I swear, it’s a game changer. Whatever this time looks like for you, I encourage you to create your own rituals, and see how it influences the rest of your day! (Also, screw it, buy the fancy face cream.)

Dori Pechianu

Name: Dori Pechianu

Hometown: Tyler, TX

Favorite thing about Nashville? I love seeing the creativity in this town.

Current Occupation: Hairstylist / makeup artist

Dream Occupation: Creative director / professional hedonist

If You Could Live Inside Any Film, What Would It Be? Is it trite if I say anything by Jean-Luc Godard?

If You Could Move To Another Country, Which Would It Be? France! I’ve never been, but I’ve always been drawn to the idea of it. Honestly I just want to eat all the cheese, drink wine, and be chic AF while doing it.

Hair Product You Can’t Live Without? R+Co CROWN scalp scrub

Tell Us A Little About Your Hair History! While I have sported many experimental haircuts and colors I have had some version of short hair for most of my life. It has evolved as I have discovered more about who I am. I fell in love with hair in the first place because of its transformative power...getting your hair done can be a truly cathartic experience as it has so much to do with our identity, expression, and current phase of life. When I was 18 I lost a lot of my hair due to an autoimmune disease, and my relationship with my hair changed. It quite literally felt like I was losing a part of my identity. I decided to buzz my head August 2017, and let me tell you--- it’s been the most empowering thing. It has taught me a lot about myself and other people and continues to do so on a daily basis.

What does YOU ARE OK. mean to you? The person you are is the person you were destined to be! Live your truth, and the rest follows. You are always ok.