How To: Get Full Texture On Short, Straight Hair.

What’s on trend is a working lifestyle—a look that says you have paid attention, but you haven’t fussed. Sometimes getting short hairstyles to look a little more lived in and a little less like you’ve put your finger in a light socket can be a true challenge. Enlighten yourself with tips, tricks, and product suggestions in this short clip!

STEP ONE: Prep with Dallas Thickening Spray
STEP TWO: Remove moisture by blowing in all directions
STEP THREE: Detail the hairline by twisting as you dry
STEP FOUR: Massage into hair opposite of the airflow
STEP FIVE: Spray Freeway Defining Spray Gel
STEP SIX: Work the product throughout the hair
STEP SEVEN: Do a wet application of Freeway using your hand

Dallas Thickening Spray
Freeway Defining Spray Gel

MUSIC: Sugar Candy Mountain - Windows
VIDEO: Joe @hairbyjoec